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George what is your feelings on garbage and recycling?

You know, folks today have really got their thinking messed up;  Take all this recycling they got going today with garbage pick up.  First off I see it as a cost to the public and more of a threat to our system than if we didn’t do it at all, recycling that is.  Reason being?  Well think about this.  First off the huge cities when getting into this recycling have to buy more huge trucks which in turn burn more fuel which in turn puts more pollution into the air.  All that this does is put more of a strain on our system.  What’s the answer?  Well I believe the answer to our problem of getting rid of waste is to only save what we no there is a use for, like certain pop cans, steel, and some plastics and cardboard.  The rest forget about it, waste of time.  For the rest of the items I feel we should be burning it.  You know years ago in a small town called Smithville Ontario a fellow came up with burner that would burn all our garbage with an efficiency of around 98%.  I seen it and watched it work.  Great thing in my eyes.  We could then use this unit to produce hydro and things like that.  Now in my eyes that would make more sense than just dumping it in a landfill sight. As all we are doing there is adding more pollution to our soil and eventually even destroying the good water we have now.  Thing is though,the Powers That Be don’t want this to happen, saying it isn’t good enough. I say dam, what we got now sure isn’t good for man kind.  What we got here is, folks that isn’t thinking of what is good for the world, they are in reality thinking what is good for their pocket books. There is no other system in the world that can offer 98% efficiency like burning.  Simple As That.  My Opinion Only.

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