Update On Winter Weather For All Of Ontario

Ontario, Canada Weather

December 2009
28th-31st. Blustery and much colder weather sweeps in, with frequent snow showers and flurries as 2009 comes to a close.

January 2010
1st-3rd. Fair, cold. 4th-7th. Fair, then snow breaks out near the St. Lawrence River Valley. 8th-11th. Heavy snow Great Lakes. 12th-15th. Fair, cold all of Ontario. 16th-19th. Snow squalls Great Lakes. 20th-23rd. Snow, then turning fair and cold. 24th-27th. Heavy snow. 28th-31st. Clearing, cold.

February 2010
1st-3rd. Wet Great Lakes, then clearing, cold. 4th-7th. Periods of light snow. 8th-11th. Colder weather Great Lakes. 12th-15th. Snow, increasing in intensity to the east. 16th-19th. Mixed clouds and sun. 20th-23rd. More periods of snow; heaviest again over eastern section.

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