Health Care Plan In The USA

Thought this was an interesting note on what one American thought of the new health care system that is being introduced in their country now.  Take a look.

As an American, I refuse to buy mandatory health insurance that financially supports a corrupt, fraudulent health care system. If I’m going to be forced to buy health insurance, why doesn’t the insurance cover the health services I would choose such as naturopathic care, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic care? Notice how the new health care reform racket mainly covers drugs and surgery while leaving out all the natural therapies that really promote health?

Myself, I would think one would be a lot better off using the natural therapies, no insurance necessary.  I know some would say there is a lot of surgeries out there that one might need and can’t afford.  I say that is the least of what is necessary in their plan and if anything, the surgery part in itself would probably hardly be even needed if the other natural therapies would have been covered.  Taking it one step further through my eyes, it would take nothing for a country like the USA to introduce a plan to cover all surgery alone for folks and should be. The ones that goes ahead here are the drug companies and the insurance companies, don’t take no lawyer to figure that out.  But some will say, hey any plan is better than no plan and close their eyes.  I guess you could say their plan is something like ours here in Canada, not covering the important things. Interesting point the fellow was making though.  My opinion only.

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