How’s Things Going?

Well been awhile since my last post for sure, just had a few health problems, but hoping they are on the mend.  Today I am feeling a wee bit better and thinking I am healing.  So time will tell, just when one isn’t up to snuff things don’t get done as they should.  Any ways, this time of year back on the farm was one of my most favorite.  With the cheery blossoms out doing themselves, what could be nicer.  Sure makes one feel good to be alive.  I still can visualize me and my old  Dad going for a walk through the orchard,  as we used to do many years ago.  Brings moisture to these old eyes for sure. Well had better go, will get back to doing up some posts another day take care. Click Picture To Enlarge.


2 thoughts on “How’s Things Going?”

  1. Ha Ha —– it is good to see you back , must mean you are finally starting to heal.The orchard is a paradise — a wonderful memory keeper , hoping to see more posts soon WELCOME WELCOME BACK ! !

  2. Hi there wow so great to see you back ,been missing you. hope you are all well soon. the picture of the orchard is so beautiful. Once you have ever walked through it it would be a awesome memory keeper. God bless you and make you heal quickly.Hoping to see more posts here soon. A sign you really are getting well.

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