Handing Out Tax Payers Dollars Where Ever

Hey George, What do you have to say on this comment?

The Ontario government is coming to the rescue of pensioners of Nortel Networks Corp., one year after the iconic Canadian telecom-equipment maker sought court protection from its creditors.

Hmm I kind of think that this comment in today’s news should have said.  Tax payers dollars are being taken by the Ontario Government and given to Nortel.   Just amazes me the kind of society we live in today.  Meaning that governments think all the money that they manipulate through taxes and things belongs to them, and them alone.  They feel they can just do what ever they so choose with it. Things is though, they are doing just that, and have been getting away with it from the beginning of time.   Myself I think we should take a step back about a hundred years, take in what went wrong, get rid of governments and start over.   Another problem is that these so called Powers That Be, have gotten folks minds so twisted, that a lot of the people of today really believe what is happening is the right way to go.   Not only governments though that is messing things up, there are a lot of others contributing to our downfall too, all connected though.    Amazing.

Some things sure get me going, must come with age, you think?   Had my say guess , will go and have a tea.   My Opinion Only

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