Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico

You know for years now I have been saying that this off shore drilling in the Gulf is a disater waiting to happen.   Thing is this isn’t going to be cleaned up in a few months, it is going to take years and then some if it recovers at all.  With all our technology today isn’t it a shame that so much has to be lost because of the all mighty dollar.  Oil continues to spill out of the sunken rig wreck at the rate of 5,000 barrels a day. So far, there’s little hope of stopping it.  On another note one should remember that every toxic chemical, heavy metal and pharmaceutical that’s flushed down the drain ends up getting dumped into the Gulf, kind of like our Great Lakes, so now add this on to the oil, well……… lets just say it isn’t good.  Especially since 50% of the seafood one eats comes from the Gulf Of Mexico.  Even without the oil is it any wonder why so many folks are getting sick these days eating the fish that comes out of the Gulf.   Some call this progress, I call it down right stupidity.  My Opinion Only as usual.  Click On Link below to see how large the oil spill is, as of today and steadily growing larger.


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