Whats Going On In The Garden

Well vegetable garden is planted, one flat of tomatoes, Better Boy this year. Hope I am not disappointed as I usually put in Early Girl or Glamour.  So time will tell I suppose.  I also put in some bush peas, potaoes, cucumbers for pickling, broccoli, Brussel Sproutes, radishes, corn, cabbage, regular and red.  Total cabbage plants around ten or so, enough for us.  I also got herbs of all kinds a growing and if them pesky black flies let up some I might just get my corn seed in the ground.  Man they are bad out there this morning.  I was telling folks that they weren’t bad this year but, wrong………………………………  LOL Oh well such is that and they are the joys of living in the north.   One thing is they usually disappear as fast as they come.  From Mothers Day To Fathers Day is their days I always say.  Also very dry this year and it is a constant on going thing to keep the plants watered.  As it is the shock from transplanting is taking a toll on them.  Usually they are ok but this year it got so hot so quick, well it is hard on all the tender plants.  Should toughen up in the coming days, or I hope they do.  Oh and also put in some zucchini, around five or so plants.

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