Cool Couple Days Here In Port Loring

Well we have had a few cool days here in Port Loring, but don’t worry it won’t last.  Warmer weather is on the way for the weekend and winds changing to the South, South West which by the way is what you want for some good fishing. Old saying is, that when the wind is from the West, fishing is at its best and that is so true.   Can’t wait to get out there.  Today though I did put a two stick fire on in the old wood furnace to take out the dampness in the basement and the house and have to say it sure felt good too.  Seems as the years pass, I  feel the cold more.  Guess the old blood is thinning out a touch.  Not much now mind ya, don’t want you to think I am getting too old.   Again your only as old as you feel and I have to say these days I have been feeling pretty good.

Grass is sure growing though let me tell ya and it is a full time job getting it cut every week.  I have around an acre and a half to cut.   But I enjoy doing it and keeping things up around the house.  Nothing better in my eyes than to get out in my gardens and do some hoeing or what ever.  Makes my day with the smell of the fresh soil and sun just a shinning.  What more can a feller or gal ask for??  Vegetable garden is doing really well so far, got tomato plants around three feet high, just need some sun to get them blossoms turning into tomatoes.  I am confident though that we will have all we need.  Long range looks good.   Coffee time here, fresh perked Nabob Tradition is my favourite, have a cup or two every day.  My lovely wife looks after that end of things.  Look forward to it too.  Should also say a cup or two is good for ya and helps keep Alzheimer’s away.   In Closing I Would Like To Wish You Well.

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