Get Outside And Enjoy That Sunshine

What I been tellin’ ya for the past four years that sunshine is good for ya, not bad as the Powers That Be would like you to believe.  Listen to your body, it’s tellin’ ya it wants craves it and needs it to stay healthy.

Exposure to sunlight, we are often told, is dangerous and can lead to melanoma, also known as skin cancer. But a group of U.K. researchers recently published a report in the British Journal of Dermatology decrying the scare campaigns put out by government and cancer societies that warn against the supposed dangers of sun exposure. Contrary to popular belief, sun exposure can actually decrease the likelihood of developing malignant melanomas. Sam Shuster, one of the study researchers, and his colleagues are tired of hearing about the 84,000 “skin cancers” that appear each year from sun exposure, because almost all of them are harmless. Malignant melanomas are simply not caused by sun exposure, despite what the “experts” claim. In reality, malignant melanomas tend to shrink back from sun exposure, as do many other harmful cancers in the body.

But the myth that the sun causes malignant cancers continues to persist, even though it is patently false. Excess sun exposure, especially if you lack proper nutrients and fail to let your body grow accustomed to the sun, can cause harmful sunburns. But gradually and regularly exposing your skin to the sun without burning it will only help you, not hurt you.

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