Good O Farm Poem That Brings Back Memories

The 30-some years of milking cows

Are drawing to an end

With many mixed emotions

Parting with these old friends.

The milk checks kept us going

They certainly paid the way

But with machinery wearing out

There’s breakdowns every day.

One learns a whole new vocabulary

When one milks cows twice a day

‘Cause when they kick you more than once

I swear you’ll make them pay.

No more feed bills for these critters

No more cleaning supplies to buy

A whole new lifestyle awaits us

This change won’t make me cry.

Wintertime brought frozen pipes

Ice and snow brought pain

Summertime, we fought the flies

With ankle-deep mud from all the rain.

If ever I get melancholy

I’ll think about the worst

Then I’ll check my finances

With very little in my purse.

Farming’s been a good life

But it will be a great relief

Not having to milk those doggone cows

Seven days a week!

6 thoughts on “Good O Farm Poem That Brings Back Memories”

  1. My dad has been writing a book precisely on point with this blog, I have emailed him the web address so perhaps he could pick up a couple pointers. Fantastic Job.

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