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Trash & Treasures

What a small community can do when everyone pulls together. Well that is exactly what has happened here in Port Loring. In 1975 our first Trash & Treasures came to being, a store filled with items donated for the sole purpose of raising money for the Argyle Fire Department. With the way things are being done these days, especially in small communities like ours, getting funding for new Fire trucks is almost impossible. With our trucks slowly deteriorating and no funding available, the community took it upon themselves to see what they could do.

Later on the Fire Department applied for a grant to build the new Trash & Treasures in the middle of Port Loring, as the old Steel’s store was just to crowded to display the goods, along with being to deteriorated to safely work in. Luckily the grant came through. Purchasing a new Firetruck though was another story.

Over the years an into today Trash & Treasures has been operated entirely by volunteer help. This team of over 40 some volunteers, coordinated by Doris Lampman, has to be commended, as with out them our Fire Department would be in dire need. The new Fire Truck you see in the picture was totally purchased with proceeds coming solely from Trash & Treasures. A ticket price of $199,000.00.

Amazing isn’t it, what can happen when a community as small as ours puts all their efforts into achieving something like this. Endless hours, in all kinds of weather, these volunteers have worked and will continue to work so that the folks in our small community can rest in bed at nights knowing that our Fire Department is at the very least agile enough to keep them safe.

I would also like to thank all the rest that help make this possible, the public for your donations and also all the customers.

A success story yes, but lots more has to be done, as with all small communities it seems we get left by the way side and when surviving means, working together.  Click Picture To Enlarge !!   Great Picture For sure but then……….hey I took it.  LOL


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