A Few Words From Snowy Port Loring Ontario

Well with Christmas coming on fast  I got to wondering how many of you folks had all your shopping done.  You know years ago, where I was raised we didn’t have presents.  For most parts it was a day of getting together with neighbours and friends.   Usually our day started off with Reg and myself getting the cows milked and chores all done up while Laura the lady of the house, was busy cooking and baking things for later on in the day when guests arrived.  Yes things has changed that’s for sure, even in our home, as my wife and I have been steadily trying to figure out what to buy for our boys and daughter in-law and new grandson.   Trouble is our sons are pretty high tech, make good money and what ever they really want they buy themselves.  But there is other things they can’t buy and asf today I can honestly say we are done for this Christmas, at least for the gifts.  My wife still has lots to do, preparing for our family and guests, she just doesn’t stop.  But she enjoys doing it, so who am I to say any different.  On another note up here in the north where we live, there is one thing that we can always depend on, and that is a White Christmas, as I can’t remember when we ever had a green Christmas.   This morning looking out the trees are laden down with heavy snow and with the smoke hanging in the air from the wood furnaces and fireplaces in our area, what could be nicer,  Just something about it all makes me feel content. Just by looking out brings back so many memories of years gone by, which is what no one can buy at a department store.

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