Feathered Friends

Well went to the meat store the other day on our way to town and picked up a large package of suet.   Most meat stores carry it if one asks and have to say the birds just love it.  I hang it on a big old pine just outside our front door and can sit and watch them having a great old time while I have a tea now and then.  Simple things these days seem to make my day it seems, which in reality is a good thing.  All kinds of birds come to it, the huge Pileated  woodpeckers, Downy and the good old Hairy Woodpecker.  They are all quite different once you get to looking at them especially the Pileated LOL as it is five times the size.  When that old feller gets to knocking on trees around our place it sounds like a jack hammer.  Kind of figure he must have a sore head at the end of each day.  Lots of others come also,  Nuthatches, Blue Jays, Black Birds and Sparrows.  Also get some others but haven’t looked them up in my book as of yet. Wife knows more than I do as she is always spotting new ones.  Breaks up ones day you  might say watching them.  Well guess go got some shop work to do, so will say hello a bit later.

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