Sad Time For Our Children of Today

Today children under five are more comfortable playing computer games than tying their own shoelaces.

Practical skills in children are increasingly being lost, with tradition skills being replaced by , well I don’t know really.

Seven out of ten, two to five year olds are happy playing on-line games compared to just 11 per cent who were capable of tying their shoelaces.

Also children are losing out on social and physical well-being as parents find it easier to entertain them by putting them in front of a computer screen.

As a result less than two out of ten  children could swim unaided while 23 per cent aged two to five were able to make a call on a mobile phone.

Amazingly less than half knew their own home address and only a third were able to write their first and last names.  Sign of the times I suppose, but in my eyes it doesn’t make it right.

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