Alzheimer’s & What To Do

For many a years now I have always said that the more one uses the brain the less chance you will have of developing Alzheimer’s.   Stands to reason too, as the brain is made to think and if you ease off of your thinking or not giving it new things to do, it figures it isn’t needed, and well, problems arise.  My recommendation is writing poetry or cross word puzzles and things like that and do it every day for at least an hour or so, more if possible.  Also get outside and do things in the garden, get your mind to thinking about growing things and all the health benefits that goes along with gardening.   The more you make your mind work the better you are going to be and that is a fact.  I also believe though that you need to ease up on all the garbage food we are eating and start eating right. I can’t talk myself as being so busy all my life food came second on my list of good things to do. Now I have to pay the price a bit but I will say this, it is never to late to change your diet, as I am doing myself.   I see in the news today that the fix for Alzheimer’s is learning a different language like Italian, German or what ever.  In my mind living in Canada I suppose that would be a good thing but for myself I would think that my recommendations above would be more helpful.  But, hey to each their own, main thing is, do something, as when we get older the memories are there to be shared, not to be just let go and lost forever.  My Opinion Only.



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