Beef, Chickens, Fish Versus Vegetables

Alright, I was asked and I will write what I feel to be correct.  What I was asked was how come some folks today feel that they will become more healthy if they switch from a meat diet to a veggie diet.  First off I don’t really believe in my mind, through years of experience, that a veggie diet is any better than, say a beef or chicken diet.   What I believe to be true is, that the beef and chickens isn’t the problem, it is what is going into these critters through the food they are fed.  That being said, is the problem.  Years ago cancer and things were unheard of in men or women pretty much and if you take a look at their diets it was pretty well 75% meat.  Beef cattle were brought from the west to the cities by the millions and every night that was the main course to say the least.  How come the meat didn’t hurt us?  As I just said, years ago the beef cattle, were free range fed.  They ate nothing and mean nothing but good healthy free of chemical grass and things.  As the old saying goes, you are what you eat and that statement you can take to the bank.  Today our foods are so full of poisons, hormones, antibiotics, well to many to even comprehend, that it is no wonder why so many folks are fallin’ ill these days.  The hard thing to come to grips with is, it is almost impossible to get away from it and eat right.  The only way would be to find a farmer, that you know and can trust that doesn’t feed his beef with chemically treated feed or spray his crops.  If you can do that and have a butcher you can trust you are in business.  Then you go out and plant your own garden and you are all set.  Ones health will then come to them in abundance.  Also if your a hunter you have one step up on some folks, as there is no better food than directly from nature to your plate.  I know some say, hey, I can’t go out and eat something that was once running around free in the bush.  I say well it’s a matter of survival and we as one species high in the food chain has to do what he has to do, to stay fit.   Myself I prefer venison over beef and grouse or pheasant or quail over chicken or turkey.  It’s all in how you cook them.  Again cruel some say to the critters out there.  Well in some ways you are right, but remember this too.  That if you were to look at how our beef cattle, chickens or what ever in some places are being treated you would soon realize that my theory is not so bad.  Actually it is more humane if the truth be known.   So there you go my feelings on the subject.   My Opinion Only.



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