You Need Higher vitamin D levels to fight Cancer & Other Sickness

Well it’s that time of year again, where the sunshine is showing itself more each morning as it rises from the east.  The specialists say you should stay out of the sun, or cover up your skin when going out in it for any length of time.  In saying that I believe they are totally wrong.  In doing so you deprive yourself of what is needed from the sun which is Vitamin D.  Half hour a day is all one needs to stay healthy.  Yep just a half hour, soon as your  skin detects the sun it starts making vitamin D and spreads it through out your body.  If everyone got a half hour a day I really believe half or more of all our diseases today would be gone forever.  Oh I know, I hear so many saying well I sure can’t go out in the sun, I got sensitive skin, I burn fast, all kinds of excuses.  Well in my mind that is all they are, excuses.  If you start now early in the spring going out a bit each day, come summer your skin will be toughened up enough take the hot days which lay ahead.  Simple as that. But lets say just for the sake of argument if you do happen to get a touch to much sun and turn a bit red.  What to do is simply as soon as you come in take a bit of vinegar on a rag and wipe down the red part. Vinegar will turn that red to a nice tan and take out any burning feeling you might think you have.  Old remedies for a new era.  So, all I can tell ya, is, if it is a nice sunny day, get out there, your body is in need bad.  My opinion only.

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