Canadians Are Asleep At The Switch

Japan as we all know is going through a nuclear catastrophe.  In hearing this I just had to put in my opinion on what I am feeling and for that matter what you should be feeling.  Thing is folks, here in Canada we have 22 nuclear plants, 18 in working order.  22  plants, that is enough to destroy almost all of North America if a problem of great interest should occur. Hell one plant would wipe out pretty well all of Canada if something should happen. Folks would be walking around in agony, deformed and so much pain it would be to much for human kind to even bear.  We here feel that we are safe and our Powers That Be has things under control.  Let me tell you a little bit on having things under control. When it comes to Mother Nature nothing is safe.  So far we have been very lucky in our faults as none has come back to bite us.  Well shouldn’t say nothing, as with all the waste from these nuclear stations laying around that isn’t good for human kind to say the least.   It is only going to get worse to, as with new stations on the table to be built.  We should be looking into more safer means of energy an getting rid of these nuclear stations not building more.  In reality Canadians love radiation, we use it for everything, power, X-rays, chemotherapy, we even plant seeds in our body with the stuff.  Dam, if one would take a close look at this we are all walking nuclear stations in ourself.  It’s no wonder we are all getting sick with all this stuff in and around us.  They tell us this stuff is good medicine an it is safe, so safe we can use it inside our bodies.  That is just totally crazy thinking, totally, no other words for it. Radiation or nuclear kills anything and everything, and I for one can’t see how us here in Canada can be so dam blind. Another problem is that these quakes that has hit now and then. It is going to get worse let me tell you, as you can’t keep on taking from the earth and not putting back.  We have depleted the earth of huge amounts of iron, gas, oil to many things to name.  That open space under the ground is just an invite for catastrophic event to occur.  And it will happen right here in Canada, just a matter of time.  What then? Well…… simply put, we will cease to exist that’s what, unless we start closing down these stations not building new ones and not use it as a medicine in our bodies.  There is other ways of getting free, healthy power, it’s out there, but it is not being used, as greed for the all mighty dollar is what is stopping it from coming to our aid.  Same as good healthy medicine is out there also but greed for the almighty dollars is doing nothing more than making us sick. What a shame.  And they, the Powers That Be sit back and let it all happen saying…….oh but this is good for man kind.  My opinion only.

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