Cheating At The Pumps



You know for years now I have said that when one goes into get gas at most stations, it seems that at the very first, the pump is running but no gas is going into the car. Takes a few seconds.  This article below is about what some one else has found, so might say it justifies my thinking.  My sister Barb sent it to me and figured it is worth the read.  My opinion only.

Cheating at the pumps
> When you put the gas nozzle into your tank and pull the trigger, listen…
> You will see the numbers adding up, but there is no sound of the gas
> going into your tank for about 3 seconds or about 15-20 cents worth.
> Strange!
> What next?
>  Stop at 10 litres and check the price – read and you will understand…..

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