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I wanted to say here a bit on articles that is written by folks that want to express their views, an in reality are very sincere in wanting to help folks.  What you are doing is a great thing, but you have to understand that by adding a major players name to your articles when they didn’t, isn’t the way to go.  What it does is, it takes all credibility away from the the article itself and in actuality makes folks think just the opposite.  So if you want to get your messages across to folks and help others, tell the truth.  The last article I put on my Blog was written very well and if the truth be known it is about the best there is out there in today’s world when it comes to fighting Cancer.  Just that the folks that wrote it put on a title of John Hopkins the cancer fellow.  Thing is folks, the writers lied about that and what happens here is now the creditability is all but lost.  To bad too, but I chose to leave it on my Blog just taking off the names, as it is very good advice and my feelings toward things completely. Couldn’t have written it better myself.

Kind of gets me to thinking though as I wonder who really wrote it. A touch of me says it could be the big guys  themselves putting it out there, then saying they didn’t. Doing so then would then for sure change folks way of thinking and believe them more than the truth.  Hey just a thought, they do pop up every so often in this old mind of mine.  Food for thought you might say.  My Opinion Only

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