Prime Minister Stephen Harper Gets His Majority Government

First off if Canadians would have listened to me many years ago our country wouldn’t have gotten into such a state as it did before the Conservatives got to power.  I blame it all on Trudeau, he was the guy that started it all.  He was the one that almost took Canada down for the count.  The next one in power Jean Chrétien wasn’t much better if not the same.  On another note.  Canadians gave gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper his first majority government   last night, our man up here in Port Loring Tony Clement got back in, so all in all it was a good night for Canada.   I expected it would happen as such and glad we now have a majority government, just I am hoping they don’t get to carried away.  There is some things I don’t agree with in what they are  planning but the alternative wouldn’t have been good.  With the NDP now being up there high on the ladder, the Conservatives will have to kind of bend a touch, as if not the next time round won’t be so blue in colour.  So lets hope folks, I for one am happy, for now any ways.   Way to go Mr. Harper you did good.  Oh and for the Liberals & the Bloc, well lets just say they are right where they should be, now if we can get rid of this Dalton gang here in Ontario we will be all set. One can only hope.

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