What We All Need Is More Sunshine

This article as the last one just goes to show you what is happening out there today. Folks minds are so clouded up with modern medicines allusions, that if let go for too much longer a lot of folks will become gravely sick. I guess that is a misprint as folks are gravely sick now.  All brought on by the powers that be, out to making that all mighty dollar.

Marketing is a powerful tool used to shape and influence beliefs. Often these beliefs fail to hold up under scrutiny. The ritualistic use of sunscreen lotion for the purpose of preventing skin cancer is one such belief. The fact that the American Cancer Society recommends every man, woman, and child use sunscreen lotion every time he, or she, steps into the sun should hold little sway.  The American Cancer Society is wrong on so many fronts. This is just one issue amongst many. Never mind that we know for a fact that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to cancer, diabetes, and numerous other life threatening diseases. We know that without sunlight our body cannot manufacture Vitamin D. The illogical recommendation of avoiding the sun is astounding, and should be challenged if you wish to make great progress in improving your health.

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