Composting & Life?

Compost has a two functions. It improves the structure of the soil. This means the soil will be easier to work, will have good aeration and water-retention characteristics, and will be resistant to erosion. Compost also provides nutrients for plant growth, and its organic acids make nutrients in the soil more available to plants. Fewer nutrients leach out in a soil with adequate organic matter. Improved structure and nourishment produce a healthy soil. A healthy soil produces healthy plants better able to resist insect and disease attacks. Most insects look for sick plants to eat, like Cancer in humans. The best way to control insects and diseases in plants is with a living, healthy soil rather than with poisons that kill beneficial soil life.  Now in saying all this, does this maybe just a wee bit…. make you think of how the medical system is treating us as humans today.  Well if not, it should, as treating our sick with poisons is not the answer; not through my eyes and never will be, and as long as source allows me to wonder this old earth, I will keep striving to get my message across to those that are seeking another way of life, knowing the one they now have isn’t working.  Also remember this.  We cannot blame plants or animals for any of our sickness or diseases here on earth, every disease known to humans, animals and plants was brought to being by us, the superior species.   My opinion only

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