Spraying Herbicides Across Nippising and Surrounding Areas.

You know, things like this sure stick in my craw.  When so many folks are getting sick these days with all the poision’s that is on and in our food it seems now that this isn’t enough, as now they have to go out and spray areas across Nippising with herbisides.  Meaning it is a herbicide, commonly known as a weedkiller, is a type of pesticide used to kill unwanted plants.  Now think about this for a second.  For the sake of a few unwanted plants they will cover different areas by plane which will kill more than what is wanted to be sure and then eventually get into our  ground water and yes we drink it.  Also what about all those folks that like to deal with nature at its source.  Making their own medicines and things like that.  All plants will be covered with this herbicide so now it isn’t safe for anyone to go collecting for their medicine cabinet or for that matter items they enjoy eating.  Crazy is my way of thinking and it should be stopped.   But will that happen, not likely, as folks today don’t seem to mind. They rely on modern technology and honestly believe that all these pesticides and things are ok to use and to eat.  Along with that, the huge corporations that make these chemicals spend millions  of dollars a year advertising how good it is and we couldn’t survive with out it.  They have in my mind corrupted folks minds and in doing so we will all pay dearly, or should say we are already paying dearly.  Well, I had my say, as usual my opinion only.  Click Article below to enlarge so you can read it.  Oh and one last thing.  Another thing that really got me going was all the plants and things they have sprayed along Highway 522 coming in from Highway 69.  Looks like a dead zone out there now.  For the sake of spending a few extra dollars and just cutting it down every so many years now they cover the land with herbicides, probably Roundup.  Eventually this too will get into our lakes, streams, and drinking water, as most are all on wells.  Doesn’t seem to matter though, they keep on doing it.  I often wonder who comes up with this crazy thinking.  For sure they don’t have a home or well right next to where they are spraying you can bet on that.  If they do, well…..lets just say, that would be par for the course and explain a lot.  Again Click Article to enlarge.

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