Port Loring Weather & Fishing Times Brought To You By; George Walters

So how you all dong this morning?  Great looking day out there, for fishing or what every you plan on doing.  One thing is for certain, you should make getting outside your main goal for the day, with it being so nice.  Winds this morning are calm from the South West.  Them warm breezes of the south is what we like up here in the north, especially this time of year. Today it will get up into the 70’s with lots of sunshine.  Barometer is rising this morning slightly, sitting right now at 29.32 in Hg.  Fishing today will be  Solunar Best Hunting Times and Best Fishing Times Rating is for a Better day of Hunting or Fishing Image Better than the past few days.  Times this morning will be from 11:29 AM till 1:29 PM and then again for an hour or so from 5:53 PM till 6:53 PM, so no reason on earth why you shouldn’t catch some fish today. Kind of like a lottery ticket. If you don’t buy one you will never win. Same goes for fishing, if you don’t put the line in the water you will never put fish in the frying pan.   Our big old sun will Rise: 7:10 AM Set: 7:09 PM today.  Looks like it will show itself for a full 12 hours today, what could be better?   So my friends….take advantage of this day, letting Mother Nature lead to where you should be.

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