Port Lorings Fishing Times & Weather, Brought To You By George Walters

Good morning.  Well gloomy old day here this morning, but don’t despair as nicer weather is on the way for this afternoon.  So…that will give you some time to get things together to do some fishing.  Which is ok, as the old weather sticks says fishing won’t be to good till 2:12 PM to 4:12 PM.  It will also be pretty good from 7:23 PM till 8:23 PM.  Pretty precise times I am giving you huh? Well…it is all done according to the number of inches my weather stick moves each hour. Some days are more precise than others, like if I have sleep in my eyes or… forget to put on my glasses ha ha. At any rate they are pretty well right on the money.  The weather today will be cloudy with maybe a shower this morning, then changing to sun and clouds for this afternoon.  Temperatures will still be pretty warm in the 70s later on. Winds are calm this morning again, which is a good thing for boating, coming in from the South.   Barometer has been holding steady for the past few hours now, sitting at 29.03 in Hg.  Should start to inch up in a couple hours or so, which will get the fishing to biting.  Yesterday I was out on Duck Lake, Pigeon Lake and Wauguimakog, I hooked on a really nice pike trolling, using a red striped lure, brand name, Lucky Strike Serpent.  with a minnow hooked onto it. Works great and I wouldn’t hesitate to say every one should have one in their tackle box, for when the good old live bait just isn’t gettin’ a hit.  At any rate, we also hooked on a few bass and we had fish for supper.  Enjoy your day my friends, I am going to have my morning tea.  Sun this morning will Rise: 7:13 AM Set: 7:05 PM.  I will give fishing a three star rating today.  The best being five stars.

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