Port Loring’s Weather & Hunting & Fishing TImes

Good morning. Nice sunny day to be waking up to. Just looking out the window seeing the old sunshine makes me want to get outside. Not much movement around our town here this morning, usually I can hear trucks, cars and things moving up and down our road, but this morning is quiet for a change. Ok by me though, as I would sooner have it this way. Weather today will be sunny and warming up into the 60s, tomorrow will be even warmer. Winds are still from the North East but nice an calm. Barometer is sittin’ at 29.41 in Hg and rising. The old weather stick says that fishing and hunting will be average today, a one star rating I would say. Times to get out there would be from 8:24 AM till 1024 AM then again from 3:47 PM till 4:47 PM. The moon will rise at 3:47 PM & set: 12:47 AM. It will be overhead at 8:48 PM & underfoot: 8:24 AM. The sun got out of bed at 7:22 AM & will set at 6:51 PM.

So…..folks another great day ahead of ya, no reason on earth not to make the best of it. Thinking I might do some front porch sittin’ today.

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