Weather, Hunting & Fishing Times For Port Loring & A Few Comments

Good morning. Well woke up to a few clouds and temperatures a touch cool at 40 degrees. Temperature is going to reach 10 °c and then dip to 4 °c later on tonight.Today should be sunny with a few clouds thrown in for looks. Barometer is steadily rising and at the moment sitting at 29.06 in Hg. Pretty hard for it to rain with that happening, but I have seen it happen. If your up to doing some fishing or hunting the old weather stick says, the best times today would be from 2:18 PM till 3″18 PM and later on from 7:08 PM till 9:08 PM. The moon will rise around 11:30 AM and set at 2:18 PM. It will be Overhead: 6:43 AM and Underfoot: 7:08 PM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 50% percent last quarter 50% Last Quarter.

Mr. Sunshine got out of bed at 7:41 AM and will set at 6:26 PM.

So all and all not a bad day lies ahead. Yesterday I put my boat to bed, reluctantly for winter, but figured it was time. Nicer to do it now than wait till them cold north winds get to howling. Yes winter is edging its way into our area, but one doesn’t have to let it get you down. There is lots to be enjoyed, like hunting, ice fishing, snowmobile, or for that matter just walking our trails in and around Port Loring. I do a bit of hunting with some very good friends come November, tell a few tales and enjoy some good company. That’s what life is about my friends, one has to remember, all that matters in life, is that we are happy. Accomplish that, and….. well, you have done more than most. Have a great day my friends and soak in some sunshine.

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