Things as They Should Be Here In Port Loring

So hows things going folks?  Hope your summer is wrapping up to be what you expected and you made your millions for the winter that lies ahead.  I finally got my vegetable garden all tilled up for next spring. Also took in a bit more kale for winter, as it sure likes this cold weather. Spinach is the same, loves the cold and grows to beat the band this time of year. So good for you too. Before I dug out my broccoli for the year, I picked all the small pieces off them and my lovely wife made a soup from them along with some leaks and potatoes. Had it for supper last night and I have to tell you it was hmm good.. Before tilling it up I added some lime this year, as the soil was a touch acidly and to enrich it some I added a good pile of cow manure. Then on top I covered the whole garden with leaves. Looks good now and next year should have tomatoes the size of pumpkins. I also managed to get my equipment all cleaned up and put away for another year and even got time to make a run to the dump. So all and all a good day, not wasting one minute of it.

The leaves are pretty well all gone for the year, with a few lingering oak ones still hanging on. I have to say they sure look pretty this year, even more so than years past.  The tamarack though have just started to show off and for most parts you never hear folks talk about them. Put their colours along side the pines and cedars and let me tell you they are sure a sight to behold.  Thing is, up here in the north is the only place you can see them and I highly recommend that you should.    You know…. it would be just one more item to take of your list of things that should be done in life.   Have a great day my friends.

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