News Here In Port Loring Friday, November 18 2011

Again quiet around town.  With these cooler temperatures folks are sleeping in a touch.  Which I can’t rightly blame them.  Them warm covers makes it pretty hard to even think of getting out iof bed  This morning i got the old shop stove perkin’ away to warm it up a touch. Yesterday got my wood all cut for my flutes and today will plane them down to size and get them ready to use.  I enjoy these days in the shop, gives me some quiet time of a different sort.  While working,one reflects back on the just past summer and for most parts my mind is  already thinking of what next year might bring.  Nice to be able to do what one wants in life.  You know, there is no reason why any one can’t do just that neither, as it is all up to him or her on how they live their life.  Some want lots of money, some want fame, but for a very few of us that has worked hard all their life, not asking for anything other than food for the table, which for most parts we grow our own , good health and a warm place to hang his or her hat, well……living a simple life is all that we ask.  What is living a simple life?  Well, doing what we want, when we want and how we want. Not relying on others, being self efficient, having a few good friends to chat to and if one wants to stop for a coffee or tea he or she does just that, no matter what time of day.  Here in Port Loring one is able to do that my friends, surrounded by nature, fresh air and more in things to do than one could ever imagine, that is if one lets Mother Nature into ones life. It’s all up to you.  So guess that is it for today, going to go and have a nice cup of tea with my lovely wife, and, well…..let the day take me to where it so chooses.  Have a great day my friends and will CYA all back here tomorrow morning.

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