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Clinical breast exams are no longer routinely recommended for women at average risk of breast cancer, according to new Canadian guidelines.  Remember though that it doesn’t just stop here with Breast Cancer there is many many more on the list that should be stopped.

So there you go.  For years now I have always said that these tests and things that they are subjecting folks to are not good, if anything they are contributing to the cause, not the cure.  Same as biopsies, all they are dong will be proven one day, that it causes trouble not prevent it.  Today folks think that all these tests that are being done is a great thing, when in turn it is the cause of most of our troubles. Same as most of the medicine we take today.  No one and I say no one really understands what the long term effects have from taking these drugs.  I would bet that over seventy five percent of the folks today could fix their own problems, by just using common sense, along with a bit of research.  There is alternatives out there folks believe me.  One has to learn to take back the reigns and look after yourself and don’t rely on others to do it for ya.  My Opinion Only.

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