Modern Day Medicine Versus Common Sense

For those that would like to reduce their risk of a lot of diseases I would recommended a daily amount of foliate  which can easily be obtained through eating more  vegetables and fruits. Raw, natural foods high in folate include leafy greens, such as asparagus and spinach; dried or fresh legumes, including beans and lentils; and yeasts and sunflower seeds, while moderate amounts of folate can also be gotten from fresh fruits and vegetables (including oranges, bananas, broccoli and sprouts).  The more of these that one eats the better we all will be.  There is lots more things on the list that I could recommend one being raw garlic.  I believe that if every one took and crushed one clove of garlic a day, along with a drop of vitamin D that most of all the colds and flu’s would be eliminated. I also believe that if one dug enough Dandelion  roots each year from good healthy soil, that we would be able to eliminate over 75 % of all diseases.  Will this happen? Of course not, it’s to simple. Now a days folks look for that magic pill to fix everything and what is happening is that the pills are causing most of our problems.  Mark my words folks, the time is near when we will all soon find out, what is and has been happening with all these treatments and things that are being  handed out daily.  I can sum things up saying this.  Most folks have gotten used to the easy, softer smoother paths of life.  What should happen is they should be taking the rougher paths now a days, as that way it would slow one down a touch and give them time to think.  Sooner or later you will slow down, I can guarantee that, just it won’t be by your choosing.  It can be corrected though, you have to do it.  Start listening to your body and do what you know is right, not what others think is right.  We are all given that gift, just most never use it.

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