Weather & Hunting Times For Port Loring Ontario

  Good morning.  Nice morning wouldn’t ya say?  Touch cool but sure feels good to get outside first thing and grab a few breaths of fresh northern air. Nothing is more healthier for you. let me tell ya.  Today temperature is going to reach 36 °f and then later on tonight drop to 27 °f.  These cool nights sure make it nice for sleeping. The barometer this morning has been falling but now is rising slightly.  At the moment it is setting at 29:12 in Hg.  The winds are from the North East and calm.  Hardly move a whisker out there this morning.  The moon will Rise: 5:30 AM and Set: 3:22 PM today. It will be Overhead: 10:30 AM & Underfoot: 11:00 PM.

Moon Phase is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 4% percent waning crescent 4% Waning Crescent.

The sun got out of bed at 7:30 AM and will set at 4:40 PM, giving us 9 hrs. and 10 minutes of daylight.  Plenty of time to draw in some of that sunshine that is showing itself this morning.

For the hunters out there with bows the old weather stick says the best times  will be from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM and then again from 3:22 PM – 4:22 PM,  Would also like to mention here that my forecast for ice fishing will start right here, as soon as the lakes freeze over.

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