What Everyone Should Know About Salt

You know most folks today figure that salt is one of the leading items eaten, that leads to heart disease.    I for one believe that to be untrue.   First off years ago anyone that worked for long hard hours was given salt tablets throughout their day.  Why? Well it is quite simple. Our bodies needs it to survive. It cleans the pores of toxins and if you taste your sweat it is pure salt water, if you taste your tears it is pure salt water.   With out salt we would all perish in a short order. So what has the medical profession been telling us?  Again simple, cut back on your salt intake.  And again in my eyes they are wrong and in doing so more folks are getting sick every day.  Cut back on your salt too much and you get sick, then you go on prescription drugs, then you have more problems, caused by the drugs.  Eventually you are on about ten different pills all causing you more problems.  You should be able to see a pattern here my friends.  It’s like looking at a blank wall, but then again there is plenty out there today that have a one track mind.  Now in saying this one also must realize that all salts are not equal. Not by a long shot.  First off all white table salt has been bleached to make it look nice.  Most of all the good things that were in it is now all gone.   So some say well I will switch to sea salt.   Wrong again.  All salt comes from the sea or was covered by water at one time.  What one really needs to be eating is organic salt, unprocessed and unrefined salt.  When you buy it it will be damp with a dull color to it and one has to dry it and crush it a touch to be able to use it.  Using this salt one can pretty well use all they want without complications  or worry of heart disease along with many other problems. Good salt helps ones body adjust to the chemicals and things that we are ingesting into our bodies these days and keeps us healthy and strong.  The kind I buy is Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.  Now get out there, buy the good stuff and get healthy.

unprocessed and unrefined

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