News & Weather For Port Loring Ontario Saturday, January 07 2012

Well another day is upon us.  Looking not to bad out there this morning.  Temperatures was quite warm through the night and woke up to 35 degrees.  Can’t beat that for this time of year. Temperature is going to reach 36 °f today then later on drop to 16°f .  The old barometer is holding steady this morning an at the moment sitting right on 28.73 in Hg.   Winds are from the West and calm.  The moon will rise at 3:32 PM and set at 6:30 AM.  It will be overhead at 11:27 PM & underfoot at 11:01 AM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 97% percent waxing gibbous  97% Waxing Gibbous.  The sun rose this morning at 8:00 AM and she will set at 4:50 PM, giving us 8 hrs. 50 mins. of daylight here in Port Loring.  Not to shabby huh?

News For Port Loring  Nothing much to report.  Did go to town yesterday to pick up a few things and have to say we enjoyed the trip.  Nice thing now since Highway 522 is all fixed up it is a pleasure to drive on it.  Think it cost me $1000.00 in car repairs though, from all the rough spots in and on the old road over the past four or so years of driving.  At any rate one has to expect them things living so far off the beaten track. On another note amazing how warm it has been this winter so far.  Here we are heading to the second week in January and temperatures above freezing.  For myself it couldn’t be any better, weather wise, saves on the heating bills along with makes it enjoyable to be outside.  For the snow mobiles I suspect they aren’t the happiest or the ice fishing folks, but not much one can do.  Mother Nature has a plan in store for us and no matter how hard  the Powers That Be  try to change things, spending billions,  in reality their isn’t anything that can be done.  What will be will be my friends, enjoy each day as it is brought forth,  I know my wife and I sure do.  Have a great day.

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