What They Want You To Believe Isn’t Always The Truth.

Lately everything that I come upon relating to our health these days seems to be not the exact truth.  As I said in previous posts, the problem with our health system here in Canada all boils down to Greed, Power and $$$$$ simple as that.  I for one and many others I know have taken back the reigns of what our bodies need and low and behold we are getting healthier by the moment.  Why is this?  Simple really.  Once you take control and don’t let others do the thinking for ya, you soon realize that for most parts we all have been deceived.  Once we come to realize this, we do the research and once done your eyes are opened to what is really happening out there in today’s world.  Take a look at this article.

One of the biggest misconceptions in health care today is the role of fevers. Through misunderstanding, many parents fear fevers, when they should love and respect them. A fever is one of the most extraordinary and intricate healing processes in the body. It plays out like a symphony, orchestrated only when needed to stimulate an immune response, destroy invading organisms and promote the restoration of health.

If you sit back and take a serious look at what that article is saying, you soon realize that what you have been told was wrong.  Just not for fevers though, for lots of other health related problems.  Take control of your life folks and don’t be fooled you and you alone know what your body needs.  Have a great day.


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