The Truth About Cancer

The Article below is a very Good piece on how and what Cancer really is.  I have been saying this now in my own words, spoken slightly different of course, but same meaning.  I really believe this is what is happening, and what we have to do, is work with cancer, not try and kill it.  Reason being, we can’t kill it, it is to strong and to smart.    I know for myself dealing with cancer as I have been now for the last year, everything is pointing up hill and the way I am doing it is totally using natural treatments and nourishment.  I don’t believe that the medicines of today chemo, radiation or cutting it out is the way to go.  I am totally against those treatments and if more folks took the time to sit back, look at the big picture, do the research, they also will find out that what I say is the truth. The treatments of today just make the Cancer work harder to survive. You might kill some of it once, but you won’t kill all .   It will adapt and come back with a vengeance, guaranteed.   Now take a look at this article which is very well written.  My Opinion Only.

A new view may shed light on why chemotherapy and radiotherapy have such dismal track records. Tumors often contain a mixture of both highly malignant and benign cell populations. The treatment may destroy the benign cells, releasing the “chemoresistant” and “radioresistant” populations to wreak havoc on the body of the patient. Often treatment failure is attributed to the “treatment resistant” nature of the cancer, when it is a direct result of the inherent toxicity and lack of effectiveness of the therapy being used. In the same way that antibiotics like methicilin have spawned “super germs” like MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), conventional cancer treatment is often responsible for generating greater resistance and subsequent malignancy within certain tumor populations. If the transformation of a healthy cell into a cancerous one is caused by acute and chronic exposures to xenobiotic chemicals, as well as nutrient deficiencies, the use of many conventional anti-cancer drugs actually ads fuel on the fire, forcing those cells to regress further back into their ancestral genetic tool-kits for the means to survive the onslaught. Do we blame the cells for responding in this manner, or do we acknowledge the failure of conventional treatment methods?

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