Cancer Treatment

Good morning.  You know there are a lot of different kinds of natural treatments for cancer, one just has to seek them out.  Today I got an Email from my Lovely Sister Barb with a link about a new or should say old cure, that is available to cancer victims.  I myself am treating it totally using natural fixes mostly all my own. When I say that I don’t mean any store boughten items neither.  Mine come directly from Nature just outside my door.  Been a year now and getting stronger every day.    But this article does show some promise, will it ever get the research it deserves?  Well we can only hope my friends.  Click link below it will take you to the video, not long and worth watching.

Wouldn’t you think that the Cancer Society would be getting on the band wagon?    Won’t happen I don’t suspect as the huge Pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money with it and right now here in Canada and the USA they are in charge.  Or so they think.

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