Kids flocking to tanning salons

I see now they want to stop kids from using these tanning beds./  If the truth be known through,out the winter months the tanning beds can be a big asset to ones health and in fact put a halt to many cancers and other diseases, not cause them.  My point of view on the subject is that they should use them  under guidance from a qualified individual, an adult that knows how to use them, not stop them from using them. But you know, that is what happens with a lot of good things that promotes good health naturally. They are shot down as bad.  Why does this happen?  Dollars my friends billions of dollars. If you get healthy these companies and some doctors wouldn’t be making as much money.   Don’t be fooled, do the research and enjoy life.  We don’t need to be dictated to by the Powers That Be on what  we want and can not do.  Through the summer though the best way to get a tan is using the sunshine in moderation of course.   We are the same as earth and the sun, with out either we all perish.

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