Can Mother Earth Fight Off Most All Health Related Problems??

You know for years I have said that these so called antibacterial agents are causing more harm than good.  For most parts what they do, is kill pretty well all bacterial good and bad. Think about this. Bacteria on ones hands, say good bacterial will not allow bad bacteria to survive in its territory.  So if you have good bacterial on your skin and say you were out shopping and came upon a bad strain, it wouldn’t harm you.  So thinking on this I came up with a plan. If you have a garden with good soil and I mean, good soil, why not just swish your hands around in good old Mother Earth. Doing that will bring forth good bacteria, which if done on a regular basis will allow it colonize on your skin, which in turn, will then help you fight off any bad bacteria that might come your way throughout the day, months or maybe even years to come.  I have been doing some experimenting with good healthy soil now, for over ten years and have found, it in itself has amazing healing capabilities when applied to the skin and wouldn’t hesitate to use it for all kinds of skin related problems, or for that matter what lies underneath the skin.  Remember this folks, we all come from the earth, we need it to survive as we need the sun.  So why not use what has been given to us free of charge.  In getting close to Nature one would soon find that most of all these so called medicines and drugs of today are not, really needed at all.  Have a great day and remember that, this is My Opinion Only.

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