Diabetes Drug Actos Again Linked to Bladder Cancer

Every once in awhile a news report comes out in the paper that seems to just jump out at me. This one here click link below to view, sure takes the icing off the cake, or so to speak.  I know most folks would say on the cake, but that is others, not me.  First off they say that this drug that folks are  taking to help Diabetes, can and for most parts will increase your risk of cancer.  Think about that for a minute, one drug…. to help folks, along with what has the possibilities of making one deathly sick, both…. all wrapped up into, one nice little pill.  The thing that really is amazing, is that folks still take these drugs and I say these drugs, as there is millions of them out there that do the same thing.  Wake up folks, do the research, then hopefully you will make the right decision. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which road you should choose.  The best road that is out there, through my eyes is Natural.  Yep good old Mother Nature.  Don’t your remember!!!!! that;  “Mothers Know Best”.  Here is the link.  My Opinion Only.


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