Great Poem Called Dandelions

Being a writer now for a good number of years I have always kept my eyes open for poems.  I am not a poet by no means, not like my Sister Barb out west is, as now there is a gal that can whip up some great words for all ages.  Takes a special talent to do these things and there is no doubt in my mind, that she is talented beyond her years, let me tell ya. I guess that is what attracts me to different poems, as every time I read one, or should say a good one, I think of her.  I would also like to say, I only enjoy poems that rhyme. All others doesn’t give me that special feelings that they concur.   Yesterday I got an E-Mail from one of my readers, he is 85 years young and doing great.  Like to hear them stories;  Anyways, as a young one he read this poem and it has stuck with him now for all these years.  I liked it so much I thought I would share it with you.  Also since I am such a lover of Dandelions and using them to treat my illness, I feel it is warranted a special spot, right here on the Blog.  It’s Called;


There surely is a gold mine, somewhere down beneath the grass,
Where the dandelions are popping up, most every place you pass,
And if you want to gather some, you better not delay, because the gold
will turn to silver soon, and all will blow away.

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