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Numerous folks have called asking about the water levels on the lakes and river.  Below I have published an answer to the problem or best we here at the Local Service’s Board can get. Thing is folks no one, or one thing is to blame for the water being low. With no rain in our area to speak of for over two months, it is a wonder that the water isn’t lower than it is. So be patient, as what Mother Nature Gives us, is what we get, simple as that.   Click Graphs below to enlarge.

On 10/07/2012 9:38 AM, Vincent, Amanda (MNR) wrote:

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to touch base with Ken yet this morning but I thought I’d get back to you at my first opportunity.

Regarding flow from Dollars Dam – we will not cut all flow from the dam; in other words, we will maintain some flow through the dam, in the form of leakage, for a few reasons, including:

– Ecological values (stopping flow from Dollars Dam would negatively impact fish and other aquatic species which rely on some amount of water in that section of the Pickerel River system).

– Riparian rights (riverfront land owners may depend on a certain level of water in the river for their water intakes and wells).

– General river health (a small amount of flow is required to prevent stagnating in the river reach below the dam).

Based on the pictures you sent on Sunday, the small amount of flow leaking though the dam would barely be meeting the ecological, riparian and health objectives mentioned above. That being said, all riparian areas, both lake shore and river banks, are being impacted by the hot dry weather of late.

As you can see from the chart below, 10% of the time we’re below the lower normal operating zone this time of year. Come late July through August we’re below the lower normal operating zone 25% of the time.

Our 2012 trend (red line) is well on track to become one of the lower water years on record.

At this point, we’ve exercised our full extent of control on Dollars for the time being – the rest is up to Mother Nature!

Joe, please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information. I would be happy to share water level readings and history from any of our managed lakes in Parry Sound District for your comparison.

Take good care, Amanda Vincent

A/ Water Management Technical Specialist

Parry Sound District  705-646-5531

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