A Bit More On West Nile virus (WNv)

I as talking yesterday about this West Nile virus (WNv) and how they are spraying all these deadly chemicals into our air and what effects it will play on us humans along with all the good insects of the world. Here is a link this morning that gives you an even greater look at what is happening.  http://www.naturalnews.com/036877_aerial_spraying_West_Nile_virus_chemicals.html

Not so much as of yet here in Canada but it is on the way you can bank on that and in the near future if not being done already.  The ones behind this are the huge corporations of course.  The ones that can stop this is our Governments.  Will they? Not until the effects touch their own lives or their children’s life and even then I am very doubtful.  If this continues we all will suffer immensely, as a lot of us are now suffering from what is in our foods, air and water.  Not to forget the unorthodox methods of how they are treating us that are sick.   What Can you do? Stand up for what is right, call your local governments and tell them your feelings.  Also speak out and let others know exactly how you feel on these things that are happening in the world today.  One voice means nothing, millions means a lot. Also do the research on things like medicines, treatments, the food we eat and water we drink. If folks did more of this and took the blinders off the world would be a much better place.  One has to stop relying on others and trust their own judgments of what is right.




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