Cold & Flu Season And What You Can Do

Did you know that  good old sunshine which changes Cholesterol into Vitamin D can slash your risk of getting the flu or a cold by a whopping 42 percent if not more—isn’t that a lot better than the highly controversial not so good H1N1 flu shot with all its harmful side effects.  Also in winter were sunshine isn’t in abundance you can still get Vitamin C naturally in: kiwi, grapefruit, watercress, alfalfa, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples.  Getting it naturally is a thousand times better than in pill form.  Also remember that if everyone got lots of sunshine there would be no such thing as high cholesterol. The last item that fights colds and Flu’s Immensely is good old Garlic. Organic Garlic not the stuff from over seas. Locally grown right here in Ontario is what you should seek out.  Also Garlic will be a helping aid in the prevention of cancer and common infections and illnesses better than antibiotics.  Its chemical compound allicin has antiviral properties also that will  help stave off the cold and flu virus.  Raw garlic is quite potent for some,  so if your don’t like to eat it raw you can simply add chopped or diced garlic to what ever your cooking. Near the end of cooking is the best of course as the more you cook it the less goodness you get out of it.

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