Christmas & Religion

I was asked what my feelings were relating to Religion and Christmas from one of my readers.  Giving it some thought I came up with this explanation and I hope it puts your interest to rest.

For myself that is non religious, I would have to say that I have always worked things out for myself, right into today.  For this reason,  I am called a “freethinker” because that’s what I do – I think freely, rather than believing.  People of religion usually inherit their beliefs from their families and for most parts folks have a misconception relating to people who are not religious.  It’s not that I am going against religion, nor am I one that take things for granted.  In reality it’s just the opposite, as my heart is running over, with the love I have for Nature, being together with my loved ones,  love for all my animal friends and most of all, the health, well being and happiness for my family, others and myself.

So, Merry Christmas everyone,  especially since the world didn’t end on Friday.




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