E-Mail Hoax’s

There is an E-Mail going round that says care will be less for our seniors this coming year called OHIP Changes.  For those that keep forwarding it I would like to tell you that it is a hoax.  I was forwarded this email a few weeks ago.  It only takes a minute to check it out on Google to confirm if these things are a hoax.  Why are people so gullible that they will believe every email they receive?   Amazing really. Take the time folks before forwarding these things as all it does is spread false rumors and cause problems along with upsetting folks. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that over three quarters of all our E-Mails are untrue.  Also the ones that says.  If you don’t forward this bad things will happen to you… or if you don’t forward this with in so many hours you will miss out on a fortune. Then comes all the Religion & God ones…made up to get you to thinking about just that…. Religion & God.   All a bunch of garbage my friends and not one speck of it should be taken to heart.