Death of The Honey Bees

The answer is simple really.   With all the pesticides that folks are using, it’s a wonder we have any insects alive to go about their jobs in nature.  Not to forget what it is doing to us humans with sickness and changing our human structure as a whole.  I have had many folks coming to me saying I am wrong in essence, but in reality I tell them what part of poison do you not understand.  No poison what’s so ever is good for us humans, insects, animals or plants or environment.  There are better solutions out there but most choose not to use them.  They like the easier softer way.  But in saying that I do see a major change happening with our new generation.  They can not be fooled, as the older generation has been, they are well informed through the internet of today, along with having capabilities beyond imagination.  They stand up for what is right and not afraid to do so.  Good for them as it’s been a long time coming. They are the protectors of the new world.