What is your views on ADHD..  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. That was a question I was asked.

First off let me tell you this.  I don’t believe there is any reason what’s so ever, for prescribing drugs for children with their so called ADHD drugs.  If a child has a problem of not communicating with the teacher or whom ever or causing a bit of a problem in class, usually it is because they are bored. If the teacher can’t control the children then they should be sent home and their parents notified of what is happening and let the parents fix the problem. Drugs should not be not be brought into the picture what’s so ever.  Also our Powers That Be should be taking steps to make the classes interesting enough to keep the children wanting to go to school.  You are always going to have a bully or some one that causes a bit of trouble.  They are kids, they crave attention and to get attention will go to any lengths. We as adults should see this.   A lot of children comes from broken homes, not an easy way of life on a child’s view of things.  I know, I came from a broken home.  Had all kinds of different folks looking after me, until one couple took the time to help me get my mind back on the straight and narrow.  I was probably one of those young ones that would be a candidate for these so called prescription drugs today.  Thing was I made out OK in life, without them.  Also… there is no scientific proof of what these drugs will do to the young ones mind later on down the road.  Seems to me that the Powers That Be today are trying to fix everything with drugs these days.  The more zombie us humans becomes the better it is for those that want control.  Altering a child’s mind with drugs is not the answer.  My Opinion Only

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