Eye Surgeons

Eye surgeons were the highest paid doctors in the province, based on billings to Saskatchewan’s Medical Services

Not only in Saskatchewan as seems to be trend all over Canada and the USA.  For most parts, My Opinion Only Of Course, is that most eye problems can be simply treated at home without going through all this surgery that once again, My Opinion Only is not necessary.  I have talked to numerous folks who had surgery done to their eyes and the findings weren’t good, resulting in some very serious side effects from the work that was done on the eyes itself.  Like a lot of things I am in belief that natural is the way to go.  Modern medicine has its place for sure but it has gotten out of control.  Things that should be promoted and taught are nutrition, exercise, information informing folks of healing plants and the many many benefits of breathing in fresh air loaded with oxygen.  Mix that all together with the sun and one will be on the road to having a healthy body and mind.  Remove the blinders, do what you feel is right in your own being, not to be instigated by others.  Life is really amazing and should be let alone for most parts to thrive.

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